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Dr. Andrew takes care of his patients, and is incredible with kids. We have two sons, both under 4 years old, and they love him. He works on them and somehow gives them MORE energy and a happier mood - it's always our favorite day when we visit the Doc!


Dr. Kalis is very knowledgeable, effective, and proficient in a variety of techniques. The technique he utilizes in my treatment (TRT) is less invasive, virtually painless, and actually much more effective than traditional chiropractic techniques. He has used several techniques to thoroughly treat my symptoms (to include headaches and hip pain). Routine chiropractic care is one of the absolute most important things for my overall health (believe the hype!).


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Dr. Andrew helped change the way I take care of myself. He's shown me where my problem areas are and helped me fix them, as well as helped me understand how every part of my body works together to give me a full sense of wellness. He's not just 'cracking bones', he's building a solid foundation for my life!


I came to Dr. Andrew post-decompression surgery for Morton’s Neuroma. As an athlete for most of my life, I’ve dealt with a multitude of aches and pains, and I’ve sought out chiropractic treatment before; however, Dr. Andrew listened to all of my complaints (and I mean all of them), and after x-rays, he prescribed my treatment plan. From years of abuse from tennis, most of my foot pain and leg numbness was coming from my hip—something I’d never considered, even after surgery. I’m nearing the end of my treatment and I couldn’t be more pleased with my transformation: I’m actually active again. I even went a little crazy and did too much in the middle of all of this and he got me back on track. I highly recommend and this incredibly compassionate chiropractor. Oh, and his wife is so nice, too!


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