The team at Focus Chiropractic are the best! On my worse day ever - they were there being the warm and caring professionals they’ve always been. What they have cannot be taught!



Titan loves getting to see Dr. Andrew!

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I never thought I would be without aches and pains, not only has he given me hope that I will, he’s proven it! He is a true example of how doctors are supposed to be - full explanations, thoroughly defined diagnoses, asking if you have questions, explaining all charges prior to service (nothing hidden, no surprises). He’s a true professional! The BEST medical care I’ve EVER experienced.



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Dr. Kalis made a HUGE difference in my quality of life by correcting the mess that had become my spine. I genuinely thought that it was normal to have neck pain and strain to sit or stand up straight! Now I have little to no pain, and my range of motion has increased dramatically.

If you’re considering chiropractic care, call Focus.



Dr. Kalis is very knowledgeable, effective, and proficient in a variety of techniques. The technique he utilizes is less invasive, virtually painless, and actually much more effective than traditional chiropractic techniques. I never thought I’d find someone who truly grasped the technique until I met Dr. Kalis, and he has been an incredible blessing. He has used several techniques to thoroughly treat my symptoms. He is pleasant, kind, considerate, and his communication is prompt.